How To Boost Your Immune Health This Autumn

By Karen Morris

With the change in season and temperatures dropping, we start to notice an increase in colds and flu.

If your immune system isn’t in tip-top health, you may be more susceptible to picking up any of the nasty bugs that are going around.

That’s why it’s best to start your Immune system protocol now so you can be ready to defend yourself from seasonal illnesses.

Having a strong immune system is key to fighting viruses and ensuring that if you do get sick, it doesn’t last long, and your body recovers quickly.

Here at Herbs Online Shop, we have a multitude of ways to tackle the cold and flu season, and to keep you healthy and strong.

We recommend the following herbals:

Echinacea Purpurea – Echinacea may be helpful with Immune modulation and is indicated with chronic infection. Echinacea is a herb that encourages the immune system and reduces many of the symptoms of colds, flu and some other illnesses, infections, and conditions.

Research shows that echinacea increases the number of white blood cells, which fight infections.

Echinacea appears to be most effective when started as soon as symptoms are noticed, taken many times a day, and used for seven to 10 days.

Echinacea cuts the chances of catching a common cold by 58 per cent. Echinacea reduces the duration of the common cold by almost one-and-a-half days. That’s a pretty good reason to try Echinacea today!

Elderberry – The properties of Elderberry are excellent for immune boosting. Loaded with lots of Vitamin C and quercetin, the bioflavonoid antioxidants act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-viral. 

Elderberry helps to maintain a healthy immune system at a maintenance dose and improves colds, the flu, body aches, sinus issues, inflammation, chronic fatigue and allergies.

Take 2ml up to four times daily and see how Elderberry can soon be a fast favourite in your household.  

CV Lung Immune – One of our most popular herbal remedies, specifically designed to strengthen and support the lungs, boost immune health and reduce the length and severity of viruses. CV Lung Immune is a blend of herbs that is helpful for upper respiratory tract infections and to help clear the airways.

Cough Syrup Herbal Drops – Our natural, non-drowsy, cough herbal has a syrupy consistency and is a natural cough tonic that gives great relief to children and adults, with no side effects.

Sufferers of a dry or persistent cough or congested lungs that are associated with the cold or flu virus. Cough syrup herbal drops also help to soothe and relieve a sore, dry throat.

As well as the above-mentioned herbs, we also recommend you stay on top of your supplements.

Supplements help to maintain and improve your health when you are deficient in the vitamins and minerals required to support your health.

Our top recommendations for going into the cooler months are:

Zinc – Zinc supports healthy immune function: A dietary zinc deficiency impairs the healthy functioning of the immune system, increasing the susceptibility to infection.

Zinc is essential for mediating non-specific immunity such as neutrophils and NK cells and affecting the development of acquired immunity and T-lymphocyte function.

Take 20 drops each day to keep your immune system functioning at its best.

Vitamin D – also helps to support a healthy immune system. In our busy lives, we don’t get enough Vitamin D through other sources, so it’s important to supplement to help keep the nasties away.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C helps to reduce the symptoms and severity of the cold and flu. It’s gentle on the stomach and is an essential water-soluble micronutrient and powerful antioxidant.

Vitamin C plays a crucial role in the development, health and function of many parts of the body, especially the immune system.

Vitamin C helps to protect cells from oxidative stress, form collagen and cartilage to support healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and teeth and increases iron absorption. The body cannot make or store vitamin C and so it is important to consume an adequate amount daily through the diet.

Quercetin & NAC capsules – Contains a blend of Quercetin, N-acetyl-l-cysteine (NAC), perilla seed and astragalus extracts.

Part of an Immune Protocol for healthy immune balance and function. NAC supplementation for six months may support the upper respiratory tract and immune system health.

Promotes sinus, respiratory and gastrointestinal function.

Take 2 capsules, 1-2 times daily, between meals, or as directed by a health professional.

Remember to also get enough sleep, exercise and sunlight. Stay well hydrated (drink LOTS of water) to keep flushing your system and eat a well-balanced diet.

All of these good things contribute to staying healthy and keeping your immune system in check.

Remember to check with your doctor before starting any new protocol and do speak to us in the clinic for any Naturopathic advice on remedies.

Call us on (02) 9555 5117 and we’ll be happy to guide you on your health journey.