The Four “R’s” – Gut Correct Protocol

By Karen Morris

The more we learn about gut health, the more we realise that your gut microbiome is linked to many diseases and responsible for the regulation of your gut health.

If your gut microbiome (gut flora) is out of order, this can show up in a variety of ways, including obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Intestinal Bowel Disease and several types of cancer and auto-immune disease.

When your gut microbiomes are not sufficiently working, you may feel sluggish and have frequent symptoms of bloating, gas, flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, and heartburn.

Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, candida, and thrush can also become a problem when your gut is imbalanced, as well as having low energy.

You may have food intolerances, as your gut is having a hard time processing and eliminating waste.

Did you know that people who have sleep disturbances and have trouble sleeping most likely have a gut imbalance? If you also feel tired more often than not, then this is for you.

Studies show that the microbiomes in our gut talk to our organs and are involved in the pathways of our immunity, metabolism, energy production, and so much more.

That’s why we feel it’s the most important thing to address when on your natural healing journey.

Here at Herbs Online Shop, we have developed a FOUR Phase Gut Correct Protocol – The 4 “R’s” – designed to help you heal your gut flora, increase the workings of your microbiome and heal from the inside out.

The first phase of weeks 1 & 2 is about REMOVE: Eradicating harmful bacteria overgrowth.

The second phase (weeks 3 & 4) is to REPLACE: Reintroducing gut-specific enzymes and assisting pH levels.

Phase three (weeks 5 & 6) is REINOCULATE: Reintroducing Gut specific probiotics (flora).

And the fourth phase for weeks 7 & 8 is REPAIR & REBALANCE: Supporting the gut mucosal lining repair.

Each phase specifically targets gut repair and rebalances your gut flora.

It’s such an easy protocol to do, and we will help you step by step for each phase. We include certain foods to cut out for the duration of this protocol, and foods to include, such as specific foods that increase your pH (alkaline foods).

If you’ve been trying to ignore your symptoms, wishing them away, with little result, please do try our Gut Correct Protocol and see how this may help you.

As with most protocols, these things take time to correct, but most of our clients see results within a matter of weeks, so we invite you to persist and finish the whole 8-week duration.

Gut repair really is the first stage of getting your wellness back on track and we look forward to supporting you in your good health.

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