3 Ways Protein Helps Improve Your Mood

By Karen Morris

We are living in such stressful times now. We seem to be working harder and only feeling the effects of the rising cost of living.

And the rates of anxiety and depression are steeply climbing too. We are seeing more stress and worry about the future and how it is impacting all those around us.

So, it’s important to maintain your health.

There’s a saying “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything” and we believe that to be true!

If you are not functioning at your best, how can you go out into the world and do all that you need to do?

That’s one of the reasons we love protein powder!

It’s an easy way and cost-effective to incorporate more protein into your diet each day.

Protein helps to manage stress and anxiety in 3 ways and here is how:

  1. Protein helps to stabilise your blood sugar
    Have you ever noticed when you’re more stressed, you tend to crave more carbohydrates and sugars?
    If you are constantly reaching for these foods, your blood sugar and insulin can spike, leading to insulin resistance, weight gain, poor digestion, and other health problems. Particularly if you fill yourself up on sugar and carbs, you are unlikely to be getting enough nutrients elsewhere.
    Stress also affects the blood sugar through the body’s flight or fight response, which triggers the release of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. In the long term, this also wreaks havoc with your system. Adding protein to your day helps to prevent insulin resistance and lowers blood pressure to a healthier response. It also aids the digestive process.
  2. Protein keeps you full
    It is well documented that stopping eating at 80% fullness leads to a longer, healthier life.
    Getting enough daily protein helps to keep you full and stop you from overeating. Protein helps you to reduce snacking and keep the feeling of satiety, which is why having a high-protein diet is recommended for weight loss.
  3. Protein provides amino acids to help improve mood
    The addition of amino acids in our protein powders helps with tissue repair, and nutrient absorption, and improves mood disorders such as depression. Amino acids also help you sleep and play a role in daily mental alertness.
    One essential amino acid is tryptophan, found in proteins such as pumpkin seeds. Tryptophan helps to make serotonin, a neurotransmitter that carries messages to your nervous system. Serotonin makes melatonin, which is responsible for the sleep/wake cycle.
    Low levels of Tryptophan have been associated with mood disorders such as depression and affect memory and brain health.
    That’s why it’s important to supplement with protein to support mood and mental health.

At Herbs Online Shop, we have a wonderful plant-based Amino Acid Protein Powder that is packed full of all the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids you need to support your body and mind throughout your busy day.

It’s made with an advanced plant-based blend of Brown rice, Fava bean, Hemp, and Pumpkin seed proteins.

It provides a whopping 46% of your daily protein intake in just one serve.

Your breakfast smoothie or topping for your muesli has just been taken to a whole new level!

It’s dairy-free, gluten-free and tastes amazing.

You can choose your favourite flavour (chocolate or vanilla) at the checkout.

You can also combine the Protein Powder with other powders, for example, pure Collagen powder to keep your skin and nails healthy, or our certified organic Turmeric powder to reduce inflammation.

So, you are not only helping to improve your mood, you are streamlining your health to stay in tip-top shape all year round.

For more advice on protein and managing your health, talk to us at the clinic at (02) 9555 5117 or book a consult today using this link: https://herbsonlineshop.com/product/60-minute-consultation-lifestyle-coaching-session/