The Power of Mushroom Superfoods

By Karen Morris

Herbs Online Shop is so proud to be introducing our brand new range of Mushroom Superfoods. We have an extensive new list of mushroom superfood products available direct from our website. If you would like to learn more about which superfood products will be best suited for your personal requirements please book in your short or extended consultation with one of our Naturopaths. You can book your consultation direct from our website with consults starting from just $25.00.

Mushrooms are an incredibly powerful ancient medicine and have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for many years. Benefits range from immune support, brain function, healthy cell production, fighting infections and free radicals, increased energy, reduce anxiety and depression, improving sleep and repairing nerve damage – just to name a few! These benefits depend on which superfood you choose, a full description of each superfood is available on each product page. To see our full list of mushroom superfoods check out our list below: 

New to our Mushroom Superfood range include:

Chaga Drops

Cordyceps Drops

Lion’s Mane Drops

Maitake Drops

Maitake Reishi and Shiitake Mushroom Drops

Reishi Drops

Shiitake Drops

Turkey Tall Drops

Usnea Drops

Wolfiporia Drops 

Many of the above mushrooms have been used for around 2000 years, such as the Reishi mushroom drops. Mushroom superfoods have also been used by Taoist monks to promote calmness and to assist in their meditation. Mushrooms have long been used to increase longevity in the body and Reishi have long been considered to enhance lifespan, decrease the effects of ageing, boost brain health and enhance spiritual practices. 

If you would like to discover more about our Mushroom Superfoods, be sure to book in your consultation with one of our Naturopaths.

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