Gut Repair and Weight Loss

By Karen Morris

Over the last 12 months or so, we are seeing an increase in the topic of weight loss. Many of our clients have reported unwanted weight gain and have been experiencing difficulties with shedding the kilos and getting back to a healthy weight and lifestyle.

It has been a stressful time of course, and when our fight and flight response is activated, one of the easiest coping strategies for many is to turn to food.

It’s like a survival mechanism, helping to keep the brain alert when faced with stress. What this does though, is it suppresses some vital hormones and brain chemicals that affect motivation, emotions, sleep disturbances and cause mood swings that impact a person’s eating habits and desire to exercise or to eat healthily. It also makes you crave more sugar and more carbs, thus putting on weight.

When these hormones and chemicals continue to remain unbalanced, this leads to what is known as “Leaky Gut Syndrome” where the loss of good bacteria in the gut causes inflammation by releasing toxins from the intestines into your bloodstream.

We have trillions of microbes inside of our gut, and these play very important roles in our body, by regulating our metabolism and helping us absorb nutrients from food.

What most people don’t know though that our gut microbiome can influence our ability to lose weight, and whether we are lean or obese.

Researchers from the University of Washington in the US found that the presence of specific “good” microbes (bacteria) in the gut of people dieting to lose weight affected how many kilos they lost.

Studies of two different groups showed that people who lost more weight had more beneficial bacterial enzymes in the gut. These enzymes helped break down complex carbohydrates (like those found in grains) into simple sugars, which makes them easier to digest and potentially less likely to store as fat.

The importance of balancing gut flora is now becoming more widely accepted and used as a treatment, targeting obesity.

When probiotics and prebiotics are used in conjunction with balancing the body’s PH Levels, this can effectively aid in restoring microbiota and reducing body fat.

Another effective testing aid is to unlock the power of your DNA to determine exactly what foods and supplements your body is deficient in. We know that there is no one size fits all approach, that’s why this personalised wellness plan is so great.

It’s designed to help you repair your gut health with micronutrients, essential vitamins and calories that are specific for your genetic markers and immune system. We have testing kits available for you here and it’s easy to receive your personalised plan.

Research has shown that a person’s genes can influence their risk of becoming obese and knowing the DNA Methylation marks of each individual has emerged not only as a promising tool for the prediction, screening, diagnosis, and prognosis of obesity and metabolic syndrome features but also for the improvement of weight loss therapies in the context of precision nutrition.

And the results are impressive!

Many of our clients, having gone through this process and working through their Protocol are not only reporting successful weight loss, but reporting having more energy, more clarity and a zest for life.

Our findings are that the healthier and more balanced your gut health is, the easier it is to repair other imbalances as well.

We have a Four Stage Gut Repair Protocol spanning over 8 weeks which helps to boost metabolism, reduce cravings, balance blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, and heal and repair the gut lining. We recolinate the bowel and rebalance your immune system using a system of probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and weight loss herbal mixes.

Please contact us directly to order your DNA testing kit and start your Gut Repair Protocol and let us help you lose weight naturally and sustainably.

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