Allergies in Autumn

By Karen Morris

Did you know that Autumn in Australia actually brings its biggest sinus allergy trigger?

As the leaves start to change colour and drop from the trees and the rain sets in again, the wet leaves and damp soil are a huge trigger for weed pollen and mould.

So as much fun as it is to be stirring up that leaf pile, I wouldn’t if I were you!

If you are suffering from symptoms such as itchy throat, red eyes, sniffles, sneezing and wheezing, you’re not alone.

Many people suffer allergy symptoms all through Autumn and especially those who suffer from asthma and hay fever flare-ups.

We tend to think of pollen season during Springtime – September through to December – but because of ongoing rainfall, grass growth and falling leaves, the pollen count in our major cities at the moment is very high.

Unfortunately staying indoors is not the answer, as low humidity in homes is another trigger for nasal and lung allergy symptoms. Low humidity dries out the mucous membranes and leads to inflammation, while cold, dry air causes the lining of the nose to become swollen, resulting in a stuffy and runny nose.

If you have a humidifier in your home, it’s probably a great idea to keep it running as that may help relieve nasal problems.

Make sure you vacuum and dust your home regularly to keep dust mites, pet dander and other allergy triggers at bay.

If you need help getting your symptoms under control, don’t reach for the over-the-counter medications, as long-term effects can cause a whole host of side effects.

Here at Herbs Online Shop, we have a great Allergy Herbal Mix, which is a lovely blend of Albizia, Eyebright, Burdock, Nettle, and Calendula, that has traditionally been used to lessen the symptoms of allergies.

Quercetin is also a potent anti-inflammatory and derived from the flower bud of the Japanese Pagoda tree and helps to reduce symptoms and incidence of allergy responses. Quercetin prevents immune cells from releasing histamines which are chemicals that cause allergic reactions.

We can also make you up at Haylo Homeopathic Biopathic Drops for Hay fever and Allergy Relief formula, which helps to reduce the symptoms and incidence of Hay fever and Allergy.

Whatever you need to get your allergies under control, we’ve got you covered!

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