10 Great Reasons To Detox Now

By Karen Morris

We’ve all heard the term Detoxing, but what does it actually mean?

Detoxing is a treatment for the removal of unhealthy or harmful substances in your body.

Every day we ingest, breathe, and take in harmful substances through our mouths, nose, skin, and eyes.

 Whether it’s through the food and drinks we consume, the air we breathe or harsh chemicals in our environment, eventually it starts to take a toll on our bodies.

You may feel fatigued and sluggish all the time, have frequent headaches, feel bloated and experience weight gain, have sleep disturbances and experience persistent brain fog.

Detoxing allows your body to clean out the muck and if done right, a couple of times a year, you can use your detoxing as a prevention tool for chronic dis-ease and help boost your immunity.

What else can detox do?

Here are our top 10 great reasons to Detox now:

  1. Improve your digestion – detoxing helps your digestion process your food better so it’s more easily absorbable and working properly. This helps your bowels work better too.
  2. Lose weight – when toxins are stored in your body, putting on weight becomes much easier as your toxic load becomes heavier, and so do your fat cells become bigger. Detoxing helps you lose weight and shrink those fat cells.
  3. Reduces your cravings – detoxing helps to reduce sugar cravings, chocolate, coffee, processed foods and all the other unhealthy things your body and mind gravitate to when you’re feeling low. After a few days of detoxing your taste buds actually start to change so, you’ll actually want to eat more healthy, nutritious foods!
  4. Find relief from joint pain – the more you detox, the less inflammation you’ll have in your body, allowing you to reduce swelling and pain, particularly with joints.
  5. Stronger Immune System – the more you strengthen your immune system, so you are better able to fight off free radicals in the body that lead to bacteria, viruses, and other illnesses.
  6. Increase your energy – we all want to feel like we can get through the day and tackle all of our tasks. As detoxing helps eliminate your toxic load, you’ll start to feel better, more alert and have more vitality throughout your day.
  7.  Your skin clears up – whether it’s eczema, itchy skin, rashes from food allergens, or an influx of pimples, your skin is the largest organ of your body, constantly trying to eliminate the build-up of excess gunk in your system. Detoxing helps to smooth out your skin, helping you look years younger.
  8. Stabilizing your mood – as your sugar and caffeine cravings reduce, you’ll start to notice your mood improving as your nervous system begins to repair itself.
  9. A clearer, sharper mind – as you continue your detox journey, you’ll notice all that brain fog starts to disappear as your mind begins to improve your memory and cognitive function.
  10. Sleep better – detoxing helps to calm your nervous system, your brain and your hormones, helping you to sleep better and have more restorative sleep.

There are so many great reasons to start your detox session now! Improving your physical health leads to better mental and emotional health so it’s a win-win for you on so many levels.

Here at Herbs Online Shop, we have some fantastic ways to help you detox.

Our Express Detox Powder is specifically designed to reset, boost your energy, improve mental clarity, reduce hunger and cravings, minimize aches and pain, rebalance hormones, restore sleep cycles, support digestion and strengthen the immune system.

Taken over 3 weeks, Express Detox Powder helps to optimize quick and easy results.

Express Detox Powder is delicious in your favourite smoothies, and we also include detox diet recipes to help keep you stay on track while you are going through this protocol.

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We suggest booking a consult with Karen, our qualified Naturopath or with Chris, our Pharmacist, to make sure that this protocol suits your needs and lifestyle. Make your booking here: https://herbsonlineshop.com/product/60-minute-consultation-lifestyle-coaching-session/

Detoxing doesn’t have to be a chore!

In fact, we love to make it fun by trying new smoothies, and other fun healthy recipes.

And the beauty of it is you’ll start to notice rapid results, feel better, look better and live better.

Try it today!