Sleep Tips for Winter

By Karen Morris

We’ve had so many people say lately that they’re not getting enough sleep. And it’s so hard during the colder months because winter gives you that feeling of just wanting to hibernate and stay warm and cozy.

But how can you do that if you’re not getting enough sleep?

And why is it that Australians are so under-slept and so over-tired?

We all know that lack of sleep leads to health challenges such as high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, anxiety and depression and a weakened immune system.

Sleep deficiency also leads to a greater increase in injury because you have less awareness of yourself when you are over-tired.

It’s hard to concentrate, you’re thinking slows down, you can’t remember things and you go through all kinds of mood changes.

It’s so hard to function well when you are sleep deprived!

You might suffer headaches, joint pain and gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating, gas, nausea, and constipation.

Sleep deprivation leads to more stress and anxiety and has you dragging your feet through the day.

Does this all sound too familiar to you?

So what do we do about getting enough sleep?

  • To start with, let’s have a look at your sleep hygiene. Do you have a good bedtime routine? Do you turn your devices off at least an hour before bed and allow your nervous system time to restore? Slowing down at the end of the night plays such a critical role in a good bedtime routine.

  • Even though winter makes want to feel warmer and cozy, and it’s so easy to do this by eating, it’s important to eat lighter meals at night and leave at least 3 -4 hours before bed so you have time to digest your food properly before sleeping. Why not try some delicious soups this time of year? And see if you can eat earlier for proper rest and digest.

  • Have you tried meditation and breathing exercises? Slowing down the breathing helps your autonomic nervous system to regulate before bed. Trying some calming relaxation exercises when you’re in bed may help ease you into a better night’s sleep.

  • Here at Herbs Online Shop, we have an incredible product, Sleep Forte. Loved by many, Sleep Forte is a blend of herbs that help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. Take 5mls half an hour before bed and see how Sleep Forte may help you with your new sleep routine.

  • Are you lacking in Magnesium? Most people are. Magnesium is a nutrient that is essential for healthy muscles, nervous system regulation, strong bones and blood sugar levels. Magnesium helps to reduce stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression. As it helps your nervous system, taking Magnesium Citrate every day may support your sleep too.

  • Rescue Remedy for Sleep is also a good one, especially if you have been feeling stressed or anxious. Bach Flower Remedies work by helping you balance any negative emotions you might be experiencing.  Bach Rescue Sleep is traditionally used to relieve sleeplessness. It helps calm a restless mind and repetitive thoughts. A blend of Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum, plus White Chestnut, Rescue Remedy for Sleep is a gentle and effective way to improve your sleep patterns.

Creating a new sleep routine is a commitment to self. If you have poor sleep hygiene and no proper routine, it’s not easy to regulate your nervous system. And in these busy, stressful times, we need to be able to help ourselves with everything we’ve got.

That’s why here at Herbs Online Shop, we are committed to helping you get on top of your sleep. Please do call us at (02) 9555 5117 for any advice or visit us at to book an appointment and let us help you, naturally.